Homeowner Responsibility

Planning a home improvement job? Planting a tree?  Installing a fence or deck? WAIT!

Here’s what you need to know first!

Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or hire a professional, smart digging means always calling 811 before each project.

Don’t gamble with your safety – knowing where the underground utility lines are will help protect you from injury, prevent damage to utilities, service disruptions, potential fines and repair costs … plus its FREE! Why wouldn’t you call?

Just call 811 at least 2 business days or up to 10 days before you want to start digging.  (2 business days in most areas).  That means if you call 811 Tuesday morning, 811 member utilities will have your service lines marked by noon Thursday – just in time for your weekend project!

Call 811  Monday through Friday 8 am -5 pm or click ORDER to submit your request for markings online.

  • You may see utility companies notified for services that you don’t have because those lines are near your dig site.
  •  811 Member utility companies locate public facilities they own.  They do not locate private/consumer-owned facilities including water and sewer service lines, lines running from the meter to your house or structure, irrigation lines, landscape lighting, and electric to external structures, wells, or septic systems.  If you need private/consumer-owned lines marked, you must hire a private line locator.
  • If you have contracted/hired a company to excavate, Alaska Statute 42.30.400(a) requires the excavator (your contractor) to get facility markings, not the property owner.  The excavator is responsible for ensuring the locates meet the needs of the project, the crew utilizes safe digging techniques during the project and helps keep everyone safe.