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Protect your facilities and protect the public at large. With nationwide dial 8-1-1 access and internet orders, it couldn’t be easier for excavators to get facility markings.

Cost of Membership

Cost of membership is based on the amount of underground facilities we will be notifying you for; a.k.a. your service area, the area population were your facilities reside and estimated annual number of locates you will be receiving.

Damage Prevention Specialists

Our agents are “Damage Prevention Specialists”, trained to gather industry standard information from excavators, filter potential member facility conflicts through our database and pass that information on to your locate staff for further analysis or to dispatch a locator. This allows personnel to focus on other aspects of their duties.

We can notify you of pending excavation through GIS maps, township-range-section & quarter section or city wide notification. Notices of excavation or Tickets can be transmitted to your staff via the internet, faxed or for remote locations with few tickets — our agents can call you with the information.

Alaska Owned & Operated

811 Alaska Digline is owned and operated in Alaska. Our staff is very familiar with the unique geographic and cultural circumstances that make Alaska great. We tailor our processes to meet your needs.


For more information or to discuss a quote we can be reached 8am – 5pm Monday-Friday at 907.279.1122 or email [email protected] OR click on the link to fill out our New Member form and a member of our staff will contact you shortly.




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