Ticket Types

Standard Locate

Work will begin not less than 2 working days prior to confirmation of the locate ticket.

Emergency Locate

Emergency excavation tickets are produced in response to an emergency situation as defined by Alaska State Law.  811 Alaska Digline agents can not determine whether an emergency condition actually exists; however they will ask the following questions to help the excavator determine whether a true emergency exists:

  • Is this excavation necessary to protect life or property?
  • Is there a material or substance escaping from an underground facility?
  • Is there a vital public service that has been interrupted?
  • Was/is there a break, scratch or dent in an underground facility?
  • Has a roadway been impaired?
  • Does this “Emergency Excavation” meet the criteria of Alaska State Law?

Note: Work scheduling problems are not considered an emergency. If Locate personnel reach the site and finds a “false emergency” was reported to the 811 Alaska Digline, utilities may seek reimbursement for the immediate locate service.  Please note that each utility may charge for Emergency locates requested after 4:30 pm.

Short Notice

Work is scheduled to begin prior to the state mandated two (2) working day minimum notice. The scheduling request is noted on the ticket, however there is no guarantee that any/all of the member utilities will have the personnel available to comply with your request. Locates are only guaranteed to be completed within two (2) working days.  Excavation that commences prior to the State Law allotted time puts you inviolation of State Law and subjects you to fines and penalties.


Standard Remote

The project location is in an un-staffed or remote location. Utilities have up to ten (10) working days to schedule the appropriate transportation/personnel and respond to your request for facility marks.


The marks have not been maintained, the excavator is unable to accurately “read” the locate marks, the marks have been destroyed, or the marks are more than 14 days old. Relocates are processed if the original order was placed within the preceding 4 weeks. Locates are completed within 2-10 working days (as applicable).


Update tickets are processed when an additional area of excavation has been added to an existing order, or additional information is added pertaining to the location of work, that does not affect the address. Locates are completed within 2-10 working days (as applicable).

Design Planning

Design tickets are a way for engineers, architects, surveyors or planners to contact ADI members for design services to help plan jobs involving future excavation. Unfortunately, Design Tickets are not covered under the “Excavation Law”. Not all member utilities provide this service free of charge.

When a request for Design Survey is placed, it is done as a coordination courtesy. It is you the requestor’s responsibility to ensure contact is made with the facility owners to make arrangements for design services and pay any fees for services directly to the member utility. Imminent excavation takes priority over design services.


Priority tickets are a way for Excavators to coordinate locates with member utilities when a situation exists that meets the definition of Emergency by Alaska State Law; however the excavation will not begin until the following business day. This type of ticket alleviates the excavator being penalized for after-hours Emergency locates and allows the Locate Personnel to implement these locates into the beginning of their daily locate schedule.

Priority Tickets called in by 4:59pm are scheduled for locate completion by 10am the following business day.